Athaya stepped on the gas on the second day of the SIMONE APAC Cup 2023.

Jakarta, December 22. The second day of the 2023 SIMONEAPAC Cup was marked by the greatness of Atthaya Thitikul (THA). The former world no. got 5 Biride, and until the end of the second day, he got 7 underpar points, or 65 strokes, so the total points until the second day were 11 underpar. Atthaya played with his compatriots from Thailand, namely Jaravee Boonchant (Thailand 2 team), Budsabakorn Sukapan (Thailand 4 team), and Phannarai Meesim-Us (Thailand 4 team), which made Athhaya feel comfortable.

“After I became a professional, almost all year round I continued to participate in tournaments and LPGA all over the world, so gathering with them reminded me of the past when I fought together with friends from Thailand,” said Attaya.

In second place is Daeyon Lee, with a total of 6 under par. Today Daeyon managed to get 2 under par from 4 birdies and 2 boogies, which means Daeyon still has a chance to catch up with Atthaya on the last day tomorrow. Meanwhile, in third place was Eila Galitsky, who managed to get a total of five underpars from two days of the tournament. Eila started the second day with a boogie on the first hole and closed the match with a boogie on the last hole, but with 5 birdies and 2 boogies, it was enough to make Eila’s position move up the rankings. three.

“I played well today; the putting was also good, but there was a little direction to hit faster, but it didn’t go according to plan. Tomorrow I won’t do it again, and for tomorrow I didn’t prepare any plans, just enjoying the match, but I’m very happy to be in the leaderboard competition. Eila said.

For the team leaderboard itself, the Thailand 2 team consisting of Atthaya and Boonchant is still ahead with a combined point of 10 under par, followed by the team from Korea, namely the Korea 3 team consisting of Dayeon Lee and Soyoung Lee with 6 under par.