Eastern Opulence

“A Dining Experience You Would Cherish”

We encapsulate the allure of Eastern flavors through modern interpretation of Asian comfort fares. Teaming up with dedicated kitchen and esteemed members who serve to inspire our patrons with contemporary cooking techniques to bring out the best of Asia’s best delicacies made with quality ingredients and utmost dedication.

We believe that a dining experience should be a three-dimensional affair- where ambiance, taste and sound matter. Eastern Opulence is created to capture the decadence of past Asian glamour and glitz from the ornate furniture and curation of audio to take you back to the bygone era teeming with sophistication and charm. Housed in a colossal building located in the heart of Wijaya, our venue is made to cater small and grand scale occasion. Topped with a unique glass house located on the rooftop to heighten your star-studded intimate celebrations and razzle-dazzle your guest for that unforgettable, talk-of-the-town party.

We invite you to explore and step into Eastern Opulence to romance up on that Asian splendor.


  • Jl. Cipaku 1 No. 85 (Intersects with Jl. Wijaya 1)
  • Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta Selatan
  • DKI Jakarta 12170
  • Indonesia
  • Tlp: (021) 27081258
  • Email: easternopulence@gmail.com

* *Information and images credit to  http://eastern-opulence.com/

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