Follow our Golf Journey to Batam with Wonderful Indonesia 13 – 17 March 2022

Follow our Golf Journey to Batam with Wonderful Indonesia 13 – 17 March 2022

Day 1- Departure & Arrival


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The feeling of great anticipation filled the air at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. The number of golfers grew by the minute and by 2pm most of the golfers have already collected their Boarding Passes individually at the Batam Fast Counter.

More significantly as they cleared the Passport & Immigration Clearance, the golfers would be using their passports to travel out of Singapore for the first time after 2 long years!

Golfers all ready to finally use their Passports again!

As soon as the boarding announcement was made we began queuing up to scan our boarding passes.

As we made our way towards the ferry, I felt there was something nostalgic that we took for granted before… the sound of our trolley bags wheeling loudly on the cement walkway was music to our ears!

As we boarded our ferry and made our way to our seats, the incessant sound of chatter and laughter permeated throughout. The talk of how much we missed playing golf in Batam, how the golf courses would look like and Indonesian culinary we missed, took centrestage.


And before you know it, a 40 min boat ride felt like 5 mins, as we arrived at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.

As we started to alight, travel protocol stated that we conduct it in groups of 20 passengers at a time.

We made our way to the head of the queue and began scanning the QR code on the PEDULI LINDUNGI App we downloaded prior to our departure which literally translates to CARE & PROTECT in Bahasa. It’s the Indonesian version of ‘Trace Together.’

Scanning the PEDULILINDUNGI QR code

We were led to a room where our travel documents were verified and upon completion, we were immediately given our mandatory PCR test which was swiftly completed in under a minute. Well done!

We joined the queue to get our passports stamped and the strict social distancing protocol made sure that we stayed at least 1.5m apart and to vigilantly remain silent. This discipline has to be taken seriously as there were instances in the past where travelers have been escorted back to the ferry for an immediate ride home simply for chatting loudly and creating a ruckus in the queue.

Take Note: When you are traveling to another country, please respect their laws and their culture.

We were warmly welcomed by officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Wonderful Indonesia as well as familiar faces from the participating golf courses and resorts. We were transported to our respective resorts and the Media Team headed to Nongsa Point Marina Resort where we will be housed for the next 4 nights.

Upon arrival, the Group GM of Nongsa Resorts, Mr Gerald Hendrick, along with his management team greeted and warmly welcomed us with a cold refreshing lemongrass drink and a nice welcome platter awaited us in our rooms.

Welcome Dinner at Nongsa Point Marina Resort

Amazing Fireworks Display to end the evening!

Day 2 – Golf at Tering Bay

Dinner for Ministry of Tourism and Media Team

Media Team Night Visit to Batam View Beach Resort

Day 3 – Golf at Palm Springs

GolfplusoneMedia interview by BERITAmediacorp

Visit to Nongsa Point Villas & Nongsa Village

An ideal location for families who would like to enjoy a great family holiday together in a 2- bedroom chalet or a 3-bedroom Villa.

You get great views of the harbour from the balconies and you can enjoy watching Netflix or HBO on your TV Channels.

Nongsa Village

If you want to experience a feel of living in a kampung setting, Nongsa Village is the perfect example.

A very tranquil residential resort, Nongsa Village offers 2 or 3 bedroom Villas each equipped with a kitchen, a covered outdoor terrace and a spacious living room.

Nongsa Village is really a great place to relax and unwind and ideal for those who want a peaceful fuss free holiday.

A great place to spend quality time with family and friends.

Visit and Dinner at TURI Beach Resort

Why not TURI Beach?

TURI Beach Resort

A hidden jewel of a resort in Nongsa, Batam. What immediately springs to mind is TURI Beach’s huge potential.

Imagine having the backdrop of a spectacular sunset, LIVE music under the stars and a light ocean breeze around you while having a private dinner or a wedding reception at Nusa Indah Island Bar.

The potential that TURI Beach possesses is too promising not to consider. The idea of holding your Management Retreats, Annual Dinner and Dances, Corporate Events, Social get-togethers, Product Launches, Music Festivals and even Fashion Shows and Weddings in such a beautiful setting is just too appealing to ignore. The potential is endless.

Firstly you will need a dedicated management team to make any event a success. And secondly, you definitely want someone with vision and experience to take the lead.

In Mr Gerald Hendrick of Nongsa Resort, a well traveled and vastly experienced professional in his industry, TURI Beach will be able to host events of any nature. Having experienced a recently concluded Wonderful Indonesia event hosted by Mr Hendrick, we truly believe he and his team will be able to deliver truly memorable and unforgettable events for you.

Looks like you can walk on a bridge to Singapore!

Day 4 – Visit to Mangrove Ecosystem and Pulau Putri

Ekowisata Mangrove Pandang Tak Jemu

A visit to this Malay Kampung revealed the many challenges they faced the last 2 years.

Tourists from all over the world used to come and study the mangrove eco system that’s prevalent in this kampung.

We truly think that Schools from Singapore can have programs to educate their young students to learn all about the eco system and even help with the maintenance and replanting of the mangrove.

Learning about how climate change could effect the survival of this crucial aspect of our ecosystem would go long way in furthering their education and knowledge.

Pulau Putri or Princess Island

As you can see from our images above, this little island is reachable by a 3 minute boat ride from any of the resorts here in Nongsa.

In all the times that we’ve been to Batam to play golf or have a family holiday we’ve never taken the time to explore this part of Batam.

The waters are crystal clear and you could practically spend a couple of hours just wading or splashing around in the cool waters after a round of morning golf or play with your kids after they’ve done their visit to the mangroves.

A perfect trip with your family and friends.

Day 5
TAMARIN VIP Nines – A shocking surprise awaits you!

You are not playing 9 Holes twice!

If you think you are going to play 9 Holes twice.. you are so so wrong.

Nick Dahl, the Principal of TAMARIN GOLF CLUB has somehow breathed new life into this gem of a Jack Nicklaus signature course into perhaps one of the most unique and incredibly challenging golf courses found not only in Batam but entire Indonesia!

Here’s the secret..
The unique course layout of utilising 9 greens with 18 separated tee boxes will give you a breathtaking 18 Hole golf experience!

Whether you’re a high handicapper, a business executive or a serious golfer it’s NOT about the chase to finish 18 holes. Playing at TAMARIN is all about the golfing experience and simply a great day out on a golf course. Now when was the last time you had that feeling?

Stay tune for more

Par 4 Index 1

Farewell Dinner at Batam View Beach Resort

Guest of Honour, Governor of Riau Islands, Bapak H. Ansar Ahmad

Bapak Dadang – Deputy Director of Tourism Marketing for South East Asian Region

Thank you Nongsa Point Marina Resort!

Thank you to Bapak Gerald and the wonderful team at Nongsa Point Marina Resort

GolfplusoneMedia thanks Wonderful Indonesia!

8 thoughts on “Follow our Golf Journey to Batam with Wonderful Indonesia 13 – 17 March 2022

  1. “And I think to myself what a wonderful world”

    Every word in that song by Louis Armstrong reflected my feelings throughout the 5 spectacular days in Batam.

    I experienced great people. The excited golfers, the patient caddies, the warm hospitality of service staff, the musical versatility of the band and most of all those “generals” who planned and executed this momentous event to defeat the pandemic. And defeat it we did! I love you guys and I salute you.

    The golf? Unquestionably some of the best holes on planet Earth. When was the last time you hole your putt, walk a few steps to a sandy beach and skimmed a stone across the calm sea?

    The hotel? Spick and span. With sea views to make your balcony the spot of serenity. By the way, the aroma of that bbq dinner on the beach is still etched on my olfactory cells.

    The future? LET’S DO IT AGAIN!

  2. Today check my ART 👌show -ve, is my second day after returning from Batam 5days 4 night ,4round of golf under Mr Jason who organise this trip. Excellent makan , lovely game .wonderful entertainment.going back again next month .

  3. Thanks to Wonderful Indonesia
    and especially Jason for this wonderful golfing trip, accommodation, not forgetting the delicious food and hospitality. I am sure everyone on this trip enjoyed the stay.

  4. As an avid golfer,golf promoter and entertainer I was sceptical at first of going for this 5 day trip…but thank God I did .. after 2 years of not traveling anywhere it was like falling in love in Batam all over again .. Eventho there was a delay at immigration on both sides but the trip was well worth it ..Extraordinary treatment from all the GM’s,staffs, golf courses , resorts & hotel…. They missed us an we missed them as well…Looking forward for the next trip.. 👍👍👍 3 thumbs up.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5D4N golf trip organised to kick off the VTL bubble between Spore n Batam. The food and accommodation provided were beyond expectation with the price we paid for the trip. The reception we received were truely very warm with open heart. My special thanks to all the wonderful people who made this trip possible. WONDERFUL INDONESIA!!! Indeed

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