Sanya Forest Valley Golf Club

Sanya Forest Valley Golf Club is a world-class 18-hole (Par 72) mountain golf course taking advantage of Hainan’s exclusive tropical rainforest and natural lakes, using tranquility of the nature as subject matter by the famous designer ATDL to present an intelligent and challenging golf course. It fully utilizes the natural surroundings to rectify and balance the nature.

Relying on primitive eco-environment, the golf course is tailored with reasonable fairway layout and smooth curve to satisfy golfers of various levels. The course covers a land area of over 200 hectares with 6,903 yards of total fairway length. The largest fall distance of fairway is over 50 meters, augmented with 87 bunkers, the golf course is very challenging. Besides, the extremely delicate greens offer a great sense for putting.

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Fax: +86(898)6859 5788 

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