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Since the border reopened, more and more people are vacationing abroad not just for leisure but also for sports.

One of them is the sport of golf and this is so much so that there are golf tour groups to neighboring countries. Through the ‘GolfplusOneMedia’ website he started, he was able to share information about the sport in addition to the events and tournaments he organized locally and abroad.

To meet the demand of Singaporean golfers who want to try playing golf courses abroad, Mr. Zaf also offers golf tour services. According to him, Indonesia is one of the popular destinations among local golfers, especially the Malay community because it is easier to communicate and the food choices available.

In the area of ​​Nongsapura, Batam for example, there are several golf courses that have been a ‘port’ for Singaporean players for a long time because of the large size of the course and the beautiful scenery. In addition, Mr Zaf also witnessed an increasing number of Malays dabbling in this sport. Since 2016, the number of golfers from among the Malay community has increased between 30 to 50 percent.

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