Hainan Tourism welcomes GolfplusOne media and South East ASIAN media Delegates to Hainan

Welcome Dinner Speech by Trip Organiser Mr Zaf Shaari, Chief Editor, GolfplusOne Media Singapore.
Hainan Tourism , Haikou Tourism Officials, Distinguished guests, Members of the Media, ladies and gentleman.
Mr.Fu, Deputy Director of international Office of HaiNan Tourism Development Commission

I would like to extend my very warm welcome to all delegates, particularly those who have come to Hainan Island for the first time and who have supported and written about Golf Travel for many years.

Not too long ago, the game of Golf  was a luxury to a few people. As our society became more affluent, and thanks to the great strides made in transportation and communication technology, International Golf travel has become much more efficient and affordable. Travel information about different Golf destinations in the world, is now at our fingertips through the Internet and mobile apps. 

Golf Travel has become an indispensable part of many people’s life. This is also precisely why we have Media Representatives from the region of South East Asia assembling here today to know more about Hainan Island and who will be writing about the “Hawaii of China”

All these changes mean that Hainan need to step up their efforts to appeal to potential international golfers and keep upgrading their services in order to attract more of them to come.

Hainan Island has long been a popular tourist destination. The tourism industry has seen strong growth in the past few years. However, you must be mindful that other Golf and Tourist Destinations are investing heavily in their tourism infrastructure. So you must not be complacent. You must constantly develop new attractions and improve existing ones. 

The HaiNan Tourism Development Commission  (HTDC) is working hard to promote Golf Tourism with a view to getting more travelling golfers to make flights to Hainan Island via Sanya or Haikou Airports. They are looking forward to forging a fruitful partnership with the Golf Media industry to promote Hainan Island not only to the huge region of South East Asia but also to the rest of the world. 

Ladies and gentlemen, these are just some examples of Hainan Island’s tourism initiatives, and there are more to come to the delight of our visitors. I wish this year’s first ever Media Fam Trip a resounding success and wish all Delegates a pleasant stay and enjoy the wonderful experience on Hainan Island. Thank you very much.Zaf ShaariChief EditorGolfPlusOne Media SingaporeDirectorTeeTimeSolutions Pte Ltd

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Good Evening. It is my great pleasure to be with you here at the Welcome Dinner of the first ever Golf Media Familiarisation Trip, or Media Fam Trip for short, to Hainan Island 2018.

*Some Images credit to Erlangga Tribuana

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