Historic Day for Indonesia and Singapore

On Wednesday 23 February, GOLFPLUSONEMEDIA became the first group of Singaporeans to visit Indonesia since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020.

Using the Travel Bubble and Vaccine Travel Lane (VTL) for Sea Travel, this Familiarisation (FAM) Trip was initiated by the Batam Tourism Industry led by Bapak Anddy Fong from Nongsa Sensation and strongly supported by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MOTC). The goal of this FAM trip was to remind everyone about what Batam has to offer to the world as an international tourism destination.We had the wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand the tourism situation here in Batam, Indonesia.

First and foremost, the policies that are being carried out by the Indonesian government are in direct relation to health protocols and the implementation of cleanliness, health, safety and environment sustainability. The application of this Travel Bubble in Batam is the first step to bring tourists from Singapore back to Indonesia. 

Having experienced first-hand we can conclude that Indonesia is ready to welcome back International tourists from all over the world as they adapt diligently to the situation while improving destination experiences. 

Seriously, it was an amazing feeling to go back to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal! The anticipation to be able to travel again in a Group after 2 long years was exhilarating. This brief run-through video was meant to capture the quick efficient procedure of sea travel and the essence of getting on a boat to travel to another country. In this case, a short 45 minute ride and (Voila!) we are in Batam!

Experiencing the strict safety protocols upon arrival in another country was amazingly a breeze as we were whisked off to begin our trip itinerary. No major hiccups and quite efficient, I must add. Batam View Beach Resort was our destination host and a welcome dinner quickly ensued. Lucky enough to have a relaxed and casual chat with the Hotel General Manager, Bapak Anddy Fong, the man behind Nongsa Sensation, we learned how the idea of this Bubble VTL trip came to fruition after 2 long hard years. 

The many challenges and hurdles faced by Bapak Anddy would make any lesser man crumble and give up but he led his loyal team, soldiered on and brought the community of Nongsa and the leaders of Batam together. 23rd February was indeed “the beginning of something good.”

We made Headline News upon our arrival in Batam! It was a huge milestone for Indonesia and all of us involved. Consequently, we spent the second day visiting both Palm Springs and Tering Bay Golf & Country Clubs and to Nongsa Point Marina Resort. Both Golf Courses are in pristine conditions and anticipating the visit of Golfers from Singapore! The lunch served at Nongsa Point was superb and worth a mention and after a quick rest back in our resort we visited our last destination, Montigo Bay Resort, for a final tour and a Farewell Dinner.

On behalf of us all who were invited to attend this historic event, Golfplusonemedia would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the Batam Tourism Industry led by Bapak Anddy from Nongsa Sensation and especially to Wonderful Indonesia led by our Trip Organiser, Mr Aris Latif, who made this all possible. Congratulations to all and let’s work together to Visit Indonesia, especially Batam again!

Here’s the latest coming out of our FAM Trip!
The Organisers have come out with a Batam Golf Package for you to be the First Group of Golfers to play in Batam! It’s limited to only 48 Golfers so Book your spot now!

Batam-Singapore sea VTL: What to expect from check-in, to boarding the ferry, to arrival

23 thoughts on “Historic Day for Indonesia and Singapore

  1. It’s my pleasure to join this FAM trip, and I was happy and excited when I step on the Nongsa ferry terminal. And I saw everyone was working so hard to make this trip perfectly, even though there are some small issues need to improve but it was a wonderful trip, they really did an excellent job to protect pax so that everyone can relax and enjoy the holiday as well as safe home, and indeed all of us were safe home when we back to Singapore. Hope more people will visit Batam soon to bring back the business for Batam.

  2. Really good movement and hope this is the first step entering Indonesia after almost 2 years. On April we hope the while Indonesia will open freely and welcome all tourist from all the world especially from ASEAN countries

  3. wow,its good to hear that Batam & Bintan are back in track for tourist attraction,i hope we can bring more golfers and leisure travellers to the great islands of Kepri in future.CHEERS

  4. Finally something’s happening .. It’s a great start guys.. some great golf..scenic courses & good padang food… Super Xcited!!!Batam here we come….

  5. Bubble Travel has been we’ll organised that ‘ Safety Meaures ‘ and also ‘Fun ‘ are involved in.

    Everything good include Stay n Foodies and Service is best blend in.

  6. Way to go being a step ahead. Once the borders are open you are ready for everything.
    Hopefully all will just ease up soon regarding health protocol and travel regulation. Congrats!

  7. Great video ! The protocols were very clear although there were some small issues that needed to be taken care and resolved. Overall
    Was a good experience and was great meeting new people from Singapore and Indonesia.

  8. Good head start for travelling to Indonesia. A good understanding for the protocol will clear a lot of doubts and boost the confidence of travelers with their travel plans.

  9. Will definitely organise a group trip to Batam and good seafood and golf tour. If possible, will definitely support you. Hope you are happy making other happy

  10. Hi Jason
    Great to see this happening ! Good efforts to revive these Will circulate this possibility to all my golf kakis group n hope to see you soon at Palm Springs

  11. Glad to come across this golf website now I know where to go to on my long awaits golf away from home and definitely Indonesia is my top on the wish list

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