Kentaro Nanayama made a surprise at the Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series 9 Damai Indah PIK Course

Kentaro Nanayama | Pic by golfplusoneMedia

Jakarta – Kentaro Nanayama won the Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series 9, which attracted Kentaro, who was an amateur but managed to beat Jonathan Wijono in second place and Benita Kasiadi. With a total of 201 strokes and a final score of -15, Kentaro outperformed Jonathan Wijono with 205 strokes and a final score of -11, and Benita Kasiadi with 206 strokes and a final score of -10 in third place.

Playing one flight in the final round didn’t make Kentaro nervous or awkward with his two seniors.

“Since the past, especially against Jonathan Wijono, we have often practiced and participated in junior competitions together, and it was very fun to compete with him. In the meantime, against Benita Kasiardi was the first time, and it was fun. The start of the match with him was very competitive, and he pushed me to get birdies every hole,” said Kentaro Nanayama.

The peaceful and beautiful Golf PIK Course is home ground for Kentaro since he was little, he has been used to playing here. The beautiful and international-quality courses challenge the players to conquer this course. Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) course is one of Damai Indah Golf’s courses that is located along the Java Sea coastline and incorporates relaxing pools and gently winding dune systems, strategically positioned water hazards and bunkers, and rustic fieldstone walls made of indigenous stone. The “Spirit of the Sea” has been designed to offer enriching new perspectives within this unique 72-par, 6,048-meter golf course by skillfully integrating the natural beauty of the coastal wetlands to create playable golf rich with strategic variety.

Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series 9, Damai Indah PIK Course

PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) is the northern area of Jakarta, very close to Soekarno Hatta International Airport, making it easy for golf tourists to reach this place. Around the golf course, there are many famous eateries in North Jakarta, such as Cove at Batavia PIK, which offers a sensational meal with a calming seafront panorama. Here there are many food tenants, such as fast food, ice cream, coffee, and the famous “Gelato Secret”.

For lodging, golfers don’t need to worry, Swisssotel Jakarta PIK Avenue is a five-star hotel that is not far from the golf course. Or Mercure Jakarta PIK can also be an option, apart from being close to the Damai Indah PIK Course, you only need to walk 5 minutes to visit PIK Avenue Mall.

As for tourist attractions, PIK offers many attractions for relaxing or just taking a walk, one of which is the Angke Mangrove Forest, which offers a green zone between the megapolitan city of Jakarta, where to unwind with green scenery we can also take a walk while riding a boat. Or you can also feel the sensation of planting mangroves. Or we can visit Urban Farm, an educational and culinary place that offers a place with a unique visual appearance. Here we can also take gardening and farming classes.

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