Kevin is the best at Royale Jakarta Golf Club

Kevin C Akbar wins Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series XV

Jakarta, September 21. The XVth Series of the Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series has just finished. This series was held at the Royale Jakarta Golf Club, which is the home of the Indonesian Masters, and this time the winner was Kevin C. Akbar with a total of 212 strokes during the three days of the event. Kevin beat Rory Hie, who won the previous series at Palm Spring Karawang, with a total of 215 strokes. Meanwhile, Syukrizal was in 3rd place with a total of 216 strokes.

Kevin, who was born in Bogor on February 24, 1998, was part of the National Team players from 2013–2018 until he decided to become a pro player in 2019. At this location last year, Kevin successfully passed the cut in the 2022 Indonesian Masters. Kevin got 4 birdies and 3 boggies today, so that is enough to get first place in this series.

“The Royale Jakarta Golf Course is now very different from last year during the Indonesian Masters; the greens are a little slower, but now it’s more fluid, so we have to think about which way the ball will spin and it can’t stop as quickly as it stops, but overall I enjoy playing here,” said Kevin.

The XVth Indonesian Golf Pro Series was also attended by female golfers, with Patricia Sinolungan as the best female golfer this time, with a total of 220 strokes. Followed in second and third place are Tatiana Jacqueline Wijaya and Putri Aisya Amani.

Royale Jakarta Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia, and its eleventh time being appointed as the host of the Indonesian Masters is enough proof of how good this course is. It’s a green paradise concept of expansive meadows decorated with Sea Isle Supreme Paspalum grass in every area of its 27 holes, combined with beautiful purple carpets of exotic plants and the calming beauty of the lake waters. It will fulfill both the challenging game of golf and the visual serenity, all resulting in a new and exclusive golfing experience.

Royale Jakarta Golf Club is designed to be a world-class sanctuary that combines the game of golf with a first-class lifestyle. It is an all-exclusive club offered to the privileged who appreciate life’s finest splendor and style. It is “where golf is an esteemed privilege”.

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Regarding food, the Halim area where the Royale Jakarta Golf Course is located has several interesting restaurants that are suitable for those of you who are hungry after being tired of playing golf, one of which is Bale Bengong Seafoot Resto. This restaurant, not far from the Royale, serves a variety of processed seafood menus and other Indonesian specialties. Or if you want to relax or are looking for a place to just drink coffee, Wie Tiam Coffee Halim is suitable for you. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious and classy restaurant, Ambiente Ristorante will be ready to provide top-class service with an international menu and the best chefs.

Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series XV, Royale Jakarta Golf Club