Moch. Seandy Alfaraby took charge of the Jakarta Golf Club in the Indonesia Tourism Golf Pro Series XII.

Moch. Seandy Alfaraby

Jakarta, August 31. Moch. Seandy Alfaraby became the best in the Indonesian Toursim Golf Pro Series XII event at the Jakarta Golf Club Rawamangun by collecting a total of 210 shots in 3 tournament days, and a score of -3 was enough for Seandy to win the main prize of IDR 40,000,000.

Seandy, who played one flight with Syukrizal and Rory Hie, really took his chance in this series. With -2 today, Seandy beat Bradley Taslim, who played very extraordinary golf, which resulted in -5 in round 3. With 7 birdies and 2 boogeys, Bradley took second place with the final PAR result. And then followed by Syukrizal in third place by earning +2 from a total of 3 rounds in the Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Serie XI.

Seandy got a birdie on the 18th hole in a unique way. Instead of playing it safe when he was 2 strokes ahead of Bradley in 2nd position, Seandy even forced himself to go against the wind using his driver, but the results were pretty good. Instead of preparing to get a boogie, he actually made a birdie and made the difference by 3 strokes so that Bradley could not catch up with Seandy’s points.

Actually, on the 18th hole, I tried to play safely, but the wind was heading backwards, so I decided to take the driver’s stick instead of the wood, because there’s still the possibility of entering the bunker or into the trees, so I think it’s better to just skip it, whether in the right position or can go fairway, and also because the difference with 2nd position was already 2 strokes different, so I was just aiming for a boogey,” said Seandy.

Indonesian Tourism Golf Pro Series XII is located in club in Rawamangun in east Jakarta area, The oldest golf course in Indonesia was first established in 1872 under the name Batavia Golf Club, which was pioneered by A. Gray and TC Wilson and is located in the Gambir area of Central Jakarta. Over time, this golf course moved to the Rawamangun area of East Jakarta in 1934 and changed its name to Jakarta Golf Club in 1950. Currently, Jakarta Golf Cub stands on an area of 36 hectares and consists of 18 holes flanked by panoramic views. the beautiful one.

Jakarta Golf Club may look easy, but it is actually quite challenging with the large trees guarding the fairway and the many bunkers and the placement of water obstacles that make this course offer many challenges for all golfers of all abilities. Jakarta Golf Club has two marshal cars driven by two people who serve as field police or field referees during the game. As for the person on duty in the marshal’s car, he must have the ability to master the field and the rules of the game.

Jakarta Golf Club Rawamangun is in the eastern part of Jakarta, which is the industrial center, but don’t be afraid of having difficulty getting accommodation for golfers from outside the region or abroad; there is the Fieris Hotel, 101 Urban Hotel, or Luxury Inn Arion Hotel. These three hotels are very close to the Jakarta Golf Club, so if you tee off in the morning, you can only reach the Jakarta Golf Club in just a few minutes without getting stuck in traffic.

And when you have finished playing golf at the Jakarta Golf Course in the East Jakarta area, you can try going to a miniature Indonesia called Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Here there are many interesting museums that are suitable for families to increase their knowledge about Indonesia or just to refresh themselves. just.