New champion in Indonesia Tourism Golf Pro Series XX Merapi Golf Club

Nurdana Credit Pic PGAtourIndonesia

Yogyakarta December 14, Indonesia Tourism Golf Pro Series XX, which was held at Merapi Golf Yogyakarta, was very special. Apart from the Merapi Golf Course presenting very beautiful views, this time it gave birth to a new champion named Nurdana, a player who is often in the top 10 and succeeded in showing quality. Even though the start was a bit slow on the first day with only getting par, on the second day Nurdana showed his class by getting a very good score of 8 under par, which made him take the top of the leaderboard on the second day. But even though he didn’t get a good result on the final day, it was because of the pressure gained when playing with Benita Kasiadi and Syukrizal, who were the winners of the previous series. Nurdana got a score of 2 over par on the last day, but that was enough to ensure Nurdana became the champion in this series.

For this series, second place was occupied by Bradly Taslim and Kevin C. Akbar, who got a total final score of par.
“On the second day, every shot was free; I enjoyed every stroke of every hole and was grateful that every putting was perfect, but on the last day, apart from the first experience of playing in the champion flight and being paired with Beni Kasiadi and Syukrizal, who were champions in the previous series, it created a lot of very big pressure for me,” said Nurdana.

Merapi Golf Course is located eight hundred meters above sea level with beautiful views of Merapi Mountain and Jogjakarta. The golf course, conveniently located only thirty minutes from the center of Yogyakarta and designed by Thomson, Wolveridge, and Perret, is a true masterwork.
The combination of the natural charm and the quality of the climate, as well as the complicated hilly scenery with volcanic rocks, makes the course one of the most eye-catching ones in Java. Each hole is well placed and markedly different from the others.
The peaceful surroundings and the amazingly beautiful views make the Jogjakarta golfer appreciate plating at Merpati. Conditions vary throughout the year, so it’s best to check ahead or go for nature and be satisfied with anything beyond that.

Yogyakarta itself is a city with a million cultures and uniqueness. Apart from Borobudur and various other temples, there are lots of interesting places. There are several recommended places, such as Abhayagiri Restaurant, Bale Raos, or Srisasanti. These are places to eat that show the culture of Yogyakarta and Central Java.

For accommodation, Yogyaakarta is one of the tourist destinations for foreign tourists, so there are many hotels to choose from. For us, the Harper Malioboro Hotel and The 101 Yogyakarta Tugu are strategic hotels, apart from being in the city center and close to the station and Malioboro. These hotels are very easy to access. golf venues such as Merapi Golf Yogyakarta

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