Pavilion Sunda

The Sunda Pavilion in Bandung will pamper visitors with a complete line of Sundanese menus. This Sundanese restaurant is almost every day full of consumers who really want to eat Sundanese food with a different concept. Why is it different? If you usually have a Sundanese restaurant with a Sundanese concept, the Sunda Pavilion offers something different with a heritage style, perfect for selfies and photos.

The location is very strategic close to many famous Factory Outlets and Hotels in Bandung. So, if you are in Bandung tired of shopping, you can immediately rest and eat delicious Sundanese food with the concept of a comfortable place. The food menu has a lot of choices, from Sundanese snacks to large portions of food provided here. Not to mention at an affordable price, of course the Sunda Pavilion is a must-try Sundanese culinary tour.

The Sunda Pavilion is also ready to help those who want to hold weddings, meetings, social gatherings, and birthdays. There will be several package variants offered at relatively affordable prices. There are many offices and hotels around the Sunda Pavilion, if you are lazy to leave the hotel or office but want food from the Sunda Pavilion. Don’t worry, you can deliver!

Address: Jl. LLRE Martadinata No.97 Bandung

Tel 022-4267700 / 022-4267701

Opening hours: 10.00-23.00

Twitter: @PavilionSunda

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