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Golf course architecture is art on a “grand scale”. The art of golf takes its form on the canvas of the landscape. It spreads over vast expanses of terrain. It incorporates artistic principles. As its best, the art of golf can inspire and captivate its audience. Golf course architecture is the art of the land.

Golf course architecture borrows from an expansive array of artistic forms. The manipulation of the land is perhaps the most essential element of golf design. Just as Nyoman Nuarta has for decades created inspiring and monumental sculpture, golf course architecture strives to adapt and mold the land into memorable forms.

Music bears a strong influence on great golf design. Golf courses can vary in composition and interpretation. A golf course designed in the guitar styling of Bubi Chen would vary greatly the harp of Maya Hasan or the traditional strains of gamelan music. Yet musical composition bears certain similarities. The structure of music should be evident in the play of a golf course. A great golf course eases the participant into the round, it offers recognizable rhythm, memorable refrains, and builds to a crescendo that is both emotional and memorable.

The adept use of color, light, shadow and composition are fundamental to great golf design. The “Gang of Five” utilized these principles to create beautiful oils, watercolors, charcoals and sculpture. The collective art of Barli, Hendra Gunawan, Affandi, Wahdi, and Sudarsois renowned. Golf course design strives to achieve the same quality of artistic expression. The viewing a great golf hole from a tee box should evoke the same appreciation as the viewing a great painting in an art gallery or museum.

Landscape design has long been considered an art. Although the structure of a golf course is intrinsically based on the formation of the land, it is often the thoughtful integration of plants into the design that is most appreciated by golfers. Great golf course design must incorporate the artistic and imaginative use of trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Indonesia offers an expansive canvas of plant materials for the creation of beautiful landscapes.

I trust that in the rebirth of Senayan National Golf Club you will discover within the design an appreciation for the art of sculpture, music, painting, landscape and the “art of golf course architecture”

Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Senayan, Jakarta 10270,

Phone. +62 21 5710181 (Hunting) ,Phone. +62 8111 638 511


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