So Yeon Ryu and Xiyu Lin Interview

So Yeon Ryu

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Q. What’s it like to be back here in Singapore with your first round underway?

SO YEON RYU: You know, like we were not sure we were able to come back or not but we’re here, even though it’s a lot of things different. Like I’m still really happy to be here. Still able to play this amazing tournament. It’s hot. But I teed off in the early morning so I think it was a bit helpful. Like I played with kind of like cooler condition for like five or six holes and after that it got hot. But I was able to do really well with my umbrella or sun-brella.

Overall my game was really great and I’m happy with how I played today, especially the putting. I’ve actually been sort of like lost the confidence with the putting but today my putting was really great.

Q. It your putting led to a spring of birdies on the back nine to get it started.

SO YEON RYU: I think I don’t really care like which nine I’m going to start with. I guess we are just so used to teeing off 10s and first tee one day. You know, no matter which nine you start with, you know once you start to have like birdie, birdie, like you start to like boost up and you feel like okay, today is a day I can go really low and just try to play more aggressive to play low.

Q. What is it like playing aggressive in temperatures like these? I know there’s a few players who have not been playing in the Singapore weather in their life. Is there an advantage knowing what it’s going to be like?

SO YEON RYU: I think so. I don’t expect to have cold weather here. You know it’s going to be really hot. I’m doing really good with the heat. I’m not really dealing good with the cold. Actually Singapore is much better than playing maybe Alaska or somewhere. And everybody have the same conditions, so we cannot really complain about the heat or the weather. We just do our best as what we have.

Q. What is there to think about tomorrow? This is the typical no-cut style event. What’s it like that you’ll have a much later tee time tomorrow?

SO YEON RYU: I think the no cut event gives us more opportunity, even if you’re not playing well the first two rounds, you still have two rounds to go and you still have chance to shoot really low and then come back really high up again. So I think no cut events definitely giving us more chance and more confidence, and because I started really great today, I want to keep my low score for all three days.

Xiyu Lin

Q. Take us through this first round in Singapore?

XIYU LIN: I think I had a good day today because it’s the first time I’ve played this course in Singapore, and I mean, with the whole travels and stuff, I didn’t do much. I only played the Pro-Am yesterday. That was the first time playing on this course. So I definitely see this course, it has some challenging holes and also has lots of opportunities. So I just been playing pretty good and I just keep telling myself to be playing smart, and, yeah, it turned out pretty good.

Q. When did you feel like you were starting to get in a groove during this round today?

XIYU LIN: Yesterday at the Pro-Am, actually, already playing pretty good. It’s like but with the Pro-Am, you know, you get a little crazy, so you have some shot that you hit really close and I mean, I even hit one lost ball and stuff. You know, then I did realize, definitely have lot of opportunities here. I mean, today I’m starting off the front nine, which I think the front nine is a little easier because the back nine first couple holes is hard. So I was just like keep telling myself just take it when you have it.

Q. I know I’ve been working on a lot this year and I remember in Hawai’i we were talking with your string of good play, you really want to make this year your year. Do strong starts help that goal?

XIYU LIN: Yeah, you can see last week in L.A., I had a strong first seven holes and then it turns a little bit backwards. I mean, today I kind of had the same hot start and had a little bump on 9 and made a three-putt which I really shouldn’t. I felt like that’s what I earn willed from last week; that I pick it up really quickly and make birdie on 10. That’s kind of big for me. I mean, the back nine, I played really steady. I mean, shooting 2-under on the back nine, I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Q. For you this course in general, I know you just said it’s your first time but also is this your first time in Singapore or have you been here before?

XIYU LIN: Well, I played the other course like in 2014 and 2016, yeah, that’s the two years. So I never played this course but you know, it’s a crazy feeling that I realize I haven’t been back to Asia for like 16 months. Not even saying China, just Asia. The heat here kind of reminds me of my hometown in China, so, lots of good memories.

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