The Chevron Championship 2023 – Wednesday Notes 

Jennifer Kupcho of the United States celebrates with The Dinah Shore Trophy after winning The Chevron Championship at The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa on April 03, 2022 in Rancho Mirage, California | Credit Images Getty Images

Two-time major winner and 2011 champion Stacy Lewis on home sweet home…

“It’s something that definitely growing up here I thought would never happen, to bring a championship like this to the Woodlands. But it’s been awesome. There’s so many people walking around, so many people that I know, and I’ve played the golf course a handful of times, but I wouldn’t say I know it by heart or anything, but yeah, just to be in a familiar place, you can drive your own car, I know my way around the Woodlands. I don’t need a map or anything like that.

Yeah, it’s just really special, and obviously the Woodlands is very special to me. It’s why I always want to be announced from the Woodlands because it’s where I grew up, it’s where I learned the game of golf, and it feels like the most home place to me.”

On how Chevron are preserving the history

“So I got on a committee to help with the move. Chevron put together a player advisory group, just they wanted to know what was important to us to make the championship special. There’s obviously a lot of traditions with this event, and what was the traditions that were most important to us. They asked current players, they asked retired players, they asked everybody.

To me, Dinah is and was the most important thing. You can take the leap in Poppies Pond and all that kind of stuff, but to me, there’s a reason Dinah is the only non-playing person in our LPGA Hall of Fame. There’s a reason for that.

Chevron crushed it. You see it with the trophy. Dinah’s Place on 18. Everything is about Dinah this week!”

Stacy Lewis | Getty Images

World No.6 and 2014 champion Lexi Thompson on how the course suits her…

“I would say it does. It’s longer, on the longer side, so I get to hit a lot of drivers out there. I think there’s maybe two or three that I don’t hit driver on, so I would say it sets up for me, but you have to hit the fairways. It’s pretty demanding off the tee, but it’s longer, so it’s definitely a ball striker’s golf course.

It’s definitely a major feel for this golf course. It’s playing long, and it’ll get windy. It’s Texas, so it’ll get windy out there and play difficult, so that’s how a major should be. Yes, of course I’m missing Palm Springs, but this is a very special place, as well, so I think we’re all looking forward to this week.”

Lexi Thompson of the United States walks down the first fairway during a practice round prior to The Chevron Championship at The Club at Carlton Woods on April 19, 2023 in The Woodlands, Texas. | Photo Credit Getty Images

World No.4 Atthaya Thitikul from Thailand on her favourite holes at Carlton Woods…

“Well, there are a lot of holes that I like. I think I like the second hole because I think it’s really challenging when you play with the wind. It’s like 439 yards; I remember that.

The first day that I practiced was on Sunday, and it’s just so windy, and then it’s 430 yards into the wind. I hit like driver and 207 yards to the pin left into the wind. I had my hybrid in my hand, glad that I can reach the green.”

Atthaya Thitikul | Getty Images

World No.3 and 2019 champion Jin Young Ko on her current form…

“Yeah, I had tough season the last year, but my wrist is getting better, and I think 80 percent it’s really good now. I don’t need to think about it much.

Yeah, I think my game is a little changed a bit over the last year and this year, and I’m playing aggressively in this year. I used to hit draw much in the last few years, but now I’m hitting it straight or a little bit of fade, so it makes more spin on the green. That means make more chances for birdie. My game is pretty good now.”

On feeling ready for the year’s first major…

“Yeah, it’s not easy. Well, I found I’m really ready to get majors in 2019, and after 2019 I had — I changed a swing coach and I had a lot of issues in my life, so I didn’t feel comfortable on the course to play, especially majors.

But now I’m ready to play a major or not. I’m working with my ex-swing coach, so everything is going really well, so I’m really happy.

Mentally and physically everything is perfect. Yeah, this course is not easy, but I’m ready to enjoy. I’m ready to play. I’m ready to looking forward.”

Jin Young Ko | Getty Images

The Chevron Junior Legacy Pro Am….

“Legends and juniors had the perfect day as they competed at the nearby Woodlands Country Club. Brittany Lang finished top of the legends portion of while 16 year old Jasmine Do won the junior competition” said IMG’s Hania Thompson

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