TURI Beach Resort

Welcome to TURI Beach Resort, Experience TURI Beach Resort in its pristine form, our spacious room with a private balcony overlooking the sea or landscape garden. Take a leisure stroll along the white sandy beaches and enjoy a panoramic view of the South China Sea. Passing through some of the most stunning scenery, with that style of luxuriant and dignified beauty of which nature can offer. Immerse yourself with nature, surrounded by tropical greenery, you may get to see an astonished variety of plants, animals and sea creatures.

Whether to unwind and to relax or to just get away from the hustle and bustle life, TURI Beach Resort is an ideal retreat to rest your mind and your body.

Contemporary Luxury

Sea, sun, and nature embrace our beautifully designed Turi Beach Resort accommodations. The rooms and suites at our Tirta and Riani wings are equipped for a luxurious stay and give you the best views of the waters of Batam.

BatamTuri Beach ResortNongsa, BatamPhone Number : 62 778 761 080Fax : +62 778 761 279Email : reservations@turibeach.com
Mailing Address
Jl. Hang Lekiu Nongsa, Batam 29465 IndonesiaTuri Beach Resort Batam’s location is just 35 minutes from Singapore by ferry and 15 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport.

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