Bali hosts the First and Biggest Digital Golf Tournament!

The Xpora Virtual Golf Tour 2021 series of competitions has ended leaving a lot of optimism. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) as the main sponsor also believes that this prestigious golf event has succeeded in becoming a momentum for MSME players to accelerate their performance at the end of the year.

BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom said that the golf competition was indeed held as an effort to encourage people to live a healthy life, and increase their immune system by exercising. However, beyond that, this competition is a momentum to raise optimism in the national tourism industry, especially Bali.

Members of the organizing team

Mucharom said, the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour has involved many business actors, especially in the MSME segment in its implementation. The underdogs are also involved in fulfilling the consumption, to the clothes of the participants. These local products include Birdie and Oloro clothing brands.

BNI CEO Mr. Royke Tumilaar

The holding of the final round of the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour 2021 in Bali has also made many hotels increase their occupancy again. Participants who came from 6 cities must have allocated travel expenditures which of course had a positive effect on various sectors of the Balinese economy.

“That’s why we hold a golf competition in Indonesia only. The Xpora Virtual Golf Tour 2021 is indeed a sports competition, but furthermore, this is an event for MSME players to improve their performance again,” he said in Badung, Bali, Sunday (28/11/2021) .

Furthermore, Mucharom said that Bali itself is a window for Indonesian tourism in the eyes of the world, which has many strong MSMEs in the international arena.

“Of course in the future, BNI will be proactive in creating more MSMEs to go global through BNI Xpora,” he said.

Meanwhile, the implementation of the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour was held in a series of competitions participated by around 1,000 golfers. BNI Brand Ambassadors Luna Maya and Sigi Wimala were also presented to enliven this prestigious national golf competition.

Bali National

Mucharom said that this event received a lot of positive interest from many millennial and beginner golfers. Xpora Virtual Golf Tour 2021 is also able to prove a female golfer to show her skills in this prestigious sport. This shows that golf is a sport that deserves to be played by everyone, regardless of age and gender.

“We hope that, one day, there will be golf players who carry the name of Indonesia on the international scene. And we as an international bank will of course always be committed to supporting them,” he added.

New Kuta Golf

Previously, BNI’s Director of Human Capital and Compliance Bob Tyasika Ananta emphasized the golf philosophy, where the most important thing is not the current shot but the next shot.

Golf Philosophy

“This can also be adopted for MSME actors. The most important thing is not the current step but the next step to achieve the target. The important thing is the next shot,” he added.

Bob also said that the implementation of this competition coincided with the period of economic recovery at the end of the year. The spread of the pandemic in Indonesia continues to show a very encouraging trend, thus encouraging many business actors to develop expansion measures.

He continued that the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour 2021 competition was still carried out in a Hybrid manner, while still implementing strict health protocols. However, this did not reduce the excitement and enthusiasm of the participants to compete fiercely.

Some of the deserving winners in the tournament

“Slowly but surely the pandemic will be under control. However, we ourselves have also gotten used to the new normal. The enthusiasm of the participants in the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour 2021 is a sign that our society is adaptive and always has enthusiasm and optimism to grow,” he added.

*Information credit to and images credit to Mr. Erlangga Tribuana

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